NO 118

Text Message No 118:

In America there are ways to send text messages for free (Which explains cool sites like twitter). – In the UK, there aren’t (Which explains the rest of this page...).

We really want to make this a free service for you, ideas to make this site free are:
  • Sponsors – You might have seen this link already. The idea is businesses pay to be included in searches performed in their area. Not bad idea. But would we get enough sponsors to make all searches free?
  • Adsense – Adsense is a way of sponsoring a search result by Google. This would be great. BUT the payout is very low, and will probably not cover the price of each search.
  • PayPal – The idea is you buy a few searches in a block (at cost price, of course). You would PayPal us £1 – and get 10 searches that can be used anytime. This would cover costs – but we want to offer a FREE service!
  • Premium SMS – This would work the same was as above. You get 10 searches, and then on the 10th search – you would be billed. This would be paid on your phone bill. The problem with this idea? Apart from not being free for you, it would cost us something like £800 a month to offer a short-code SMS service.
We will work somthing out.

So What Is the Answer?

The answer is...